I still am not over the fact that I finally got to go to Chicago, and am so in love already! I just wanted a chance to post some of my favorite photos and looks from the trip, outside the video. 

Weekend Casual


Happy Sunday! I know sometimes we can all be guilty of letting our selves go on the weekends, and that is absolutely ok! Lately I've been feeling like I don't have much outfit inspiration for weekends, let alone for work! 


I've always loved simple outfits, simole colors, especially black and white. Yesterday I stopped off at Urban Outfitters in Capitol Hill, and picked up one of the ever so popular black dad hats. 


I'm not crazy about hats, mostly because I feel like if you put one on its a commitment for the rest of the day and then you have to wash your hair no matter what, and I hate that. Nevertheless! I wore that hat all day and I'm making it through! It was the perfect accessory to my outfit, especially because it was the first nice day in a while! It really kept the sun off my face.  


I also hesitate to wear white since I'm such a klutz, but tied t-shirts always look so effortless that I decided to take the risk. And hours later, no spills! I also paired it with my favorite anytime ripped black jeans, and lastly my favorite vans. All in all, a very comfy but stylish outfit! I like to think of it as my celebrity outfit, as it's something I've seen celebrities wear!  


Have a lovely week! 

Rachel xoxo

Whole30 - Day 9


Whole30. Some people think its unnecessary, but I was challenged by a friend to try it out. For those who don't know, Whole30 is a challenge where you don't eat dairy, gluten, grains, sugar, alcohol or legumes. I'm sure there are some in there I missed. 

I don't really have a reason for doing whole30 - I'm not celiac or lactose intolerant, but I was mostly interested in how taking sugar out of my diet would effect me. And BOY, did it make a difference. I notice a huge decrease in my stress and anxiety levels, as well as my overall calmness. I don't get as angry at things, and I just feel better. 

Going through just this first week, there are SO MANY things with sugar. I can't even have quinoa! That was almost a deal breaker for me. By the end of the first few days, I could barely eat a banana, it was so sweet to me. I eat carob chips as snack. There are so many simple recipes for these "raw" foods, I barely noticed I wasn't eating sugar or dairy or gluten. 

Overall, I am glad I am doing this program, though I do realize it isn't completely sustainable. I am excited for the next few weeks However, I will be going back to eating some things, though I hope I can cut down on sugar. I need my legumes. God bless the chickpea.

Canadian Getaway


April 22nd, 2017, we set off on a Canadian adventure! I had just finished a HUGE work event and was really looking to go relax. A friend of mine had posted of a beautiful airbnb a few months ago, and the second I saw it I knew I wanted to go there. It worked out as a reward after my big event, as well as coinciding with our anniversary. We booked the trip months in advance and have been looking forward to it!

We arrived in Vancouver around 9:30PM, with our tummy's set on Shizen Ya sushi, a place we had stumbled upon and fell in love with the previous year. They use brown rice sushi! We then drove to stay with a friend in Maple Ridge. The next day, he took us on a tour of his cheesemaking world, and we were also able to try some yummy green tea pound cake (amazing btw)!

We then journeyed on to take a 2-hour ferry to get to Nanaimo, then another 40 minutes to get to Duncan. It's a trek. But so worth it. It was better than imagined. I didn't want to leave the Airbnb because it was the whole draw of the trip. The town of Duncan (we were actually about 15 minutes outside of Duncan, on Maple Lake) is quiet, quaint, and full of friendly people. The food was amazing, they really love their seafood there. 

Even though it was gloomy, it was the perfect relaxing getaway. We sat on the deck, drank coffee (or wine, depending on the time of day) and truly just relaxed. We even saw otters and seals right off our deck!

Distressed to impress


I know ripped jeans are back (about time!) and I am so excited! In remember in high school my best friend forced me to throw away my jeans because they had holes in the knees (naturally made mind you). 

I've always found it interesting how fashion is cyclical. Bell bottoms came and went but skinny jeans have taken the wheels by storm for almost 10 years. I also remember thinking, "I could never pull that off!" Now I can't remember the last time I wore flare pants. 

I got these jeans at American Eagle, my guilty pleasure store, and I decided to romp around the neighborhood and learn how to edit photos in harsh sunlight. I thought it turned out pretty well? Please let me know if you have any tips! 

Xoxo Rachel

Tea Time


I went to afternoon tea for the first time in about 15 years, and it was AMAZING. There is just something about actually setting a time to sit and drink tea, that makes you feel fancy. It's just true, it made me feel like I was rich and british for 2 hours. 

Me and a few friends went to Trellis on a Sunday, because I had discovered they do a $32 afternoon tea! Now, you might think that's expensive (and it is) but honestly I couldn't even finish what they gave me. There were three levels, beginning with savory, then a scone (which was like 5 times the size of all the other foods) and then desserts. I regret not having dessert first. I was so full I could only take bites of the treats to make sure I could taste them. It was painful. That will remain the best scone I've ever had in my life. Sorry French Bakery.

The tea itself was served in a personal tea pot, with a cup and saucer. So cute! I had as much tea as I could drink. I believe I had mint and an African amber. 

Sometimes its nice to just go out and feel fancy. I wore a button up shirt for goodness sake! It's those little things we've got to hold on to, to keep our sanity. I highly reccomend! 

Denim Daze


I have never bought anything from Etsy until now. AND I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! I've recently been seeing denim fleece on Instagram and it just looked so cozy! I had to have one. I always say my thing is jackets and shoes, so buying another jacket wasn't really something I had to think about very long!

I bought this jacket from Palmette Co., on Etsy. It's a vintage Ralph Lauren denim fleece. It's super cozy, and fits the boxy style of today's fashion. I always have trouble with denim though, I wear jeans so much its hard not to make a Canadian tuxedo (not that there is anything wrong with that, I still do that al the time). Please let me know if you have any ideas for outfits!


xoxo Rachel